Welcome to Home Inspectors of New England

Home Inspectors of New England delivers quality and professional inspections to our clients in all of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.  Our extensive home inspection helps to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the most informed decisions during the buying and selling process.   We are a locally owned and operated business with 30 plus years experience in the construction industry.  Our goal is to use our knowledge in the construction industry to help you and your family find your dream home.  We want your home buying or selling process to be a seamless one, so let us help you sleep at night.


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All of our inspectors are experienced, certified, licensed and, members of International Association of Certified Home Inspections.

Whether it is your first house or you have purchased 1000 houses, having a qualified professional inspect your new home is one of the most important decisions that you can make.  We will take every action necessary to inspect every aspect of your home that is accessible.  You will be provided with a detailed written and verbal report at the end of the inspection so you have confidence moving into your new home.  Let us welcome you home!

This service may be done as a one time inspection or as a part of our 5 year home maintenance progam.  This is a detailed standard inspection for a homeowner that is not involved in the buying or selling process.  This service is for homeowners who are interested in keeping their homes in pristine condition, and would like professional help in doing so.  Allow us to help you stay up to date on the maintenance of your home in order to avoid expensive problems down the road.  Our goal is to give you many stress free years in your home!

A pre-sale inspection is specifically designed to alert the homeowners of any repairs or upgrades that may need to be done prior to putting their home on the market.  This is a comprehensive and detailed inspection that is designed to give the seller piece of mind when going through the selling process. The last thing that any seller wants is to have a buyer back out due to a failed inspection.  Let us help you in being proactive and give you the best opportunities possible during the selling process.