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Home Inspectors Of New England Reports


Home Inspectors of New England inspectors prepare a comprehensive narrative-style home inspection report that is custom tailored to the home that is being inspected. Each major system of the property has a separate section, including:

Structural Components • Roofing • Exterior Components • Electrical • Heating • Cooling/Heat Pumps • Insulation/Ventilation • Plumbing • Interior Components

Each section explains the system, visually observable material defects, its positive attributes and system observations, including:

Major Concerns • Safety Issues • Repair Items • Improvement Items • Items to Monitor

The report also includes an Overview section that discusses the more significant issues, the inspector’s recommendations and a section on Maintenance Advice.

Home Inspectors of New England specifically designed its report to be easy for our clients to understand. If you would like to view a sample inspection report, click on the link below.

More Information about our Reports

We also require a Pre-Inspection Agreement to be signed. This agreement explains the scope and limitations of our home inspections.

Our detailed report will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.  It will include all of the sections stated above as well as pictures of all of the different systems inspected.  We also include aerial drone shots of your new home! 

Building a Comprehensive Home Inspection Report

From there we provide a summary of highlighted recommendations found by our home inspector. The report then walks you through each major system of the home including a summary, specific comments for each issue found and limitations of the inspection. Our  home inspection report includes photographs captured during the inspection to help document major issues found. Finally the report concludes with maintenance advice and tips that can help keep your new home in order. This includes a checklist of items you should address immediately upon taking ownership of the home and regular maintenance items you should address throughout the year.

Our goal is to make your home inspection report as helpful as possible.

Our Inspections start at just $350!

Radon Test (Sample period 48 hours):

  • $125 with an inspection

  • $150 without an inspection

Water Test:

  • $145 with an inspection

  • $165 without an inspection

  • An additional $65 will be added for a radon water test.

Septic Inspection:

  • $325 summer pricing (April 1- December 1)

  • $450 winter pricing (December 1- April 1)

***          10% Discount          *** 


For all Military Veterans and current Military Personnel

For police officers, fire fighters, and EMS

For first time home buyers